NAYO ULLOA, acknowledged as one of Peru's finest quena (pre-Columbian flute) players, was born in Trujillo and raised in Lima, Perú. Sponsored by the Peruvian consulate of San Francisco, Nayo has toured Spain, France, Mexico, Peru, and the U.S. as a soloist and ensemble leader and has appeared in numerous concerts, including the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, representing Perú.

Nayo has been playing music since age 9 and has always been a devoted student of both folkloric traditions of the Andes as well as western classical music.


His knowledge of classical music was instruments in his involvement as an arranger and performer of Mozart's works (using traditional Andean musical instruments) in the San Francisco's 1991 Mozart Bi-centennial commemorations where his arrangements were reported by the San Francisco Chronicle as "... impressively faithful [and] a remarkable high point..." of the events. Nayo is known for being one of the few quena players to perform using chromatics, enabling him to play in many keys, despite the fact that the quena has only seven finger holes.


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